1. Mobs in creative single player mode.

  2. Another video of The One’s Lava. (previous post here)

  3. Unobtainium, a now-defunct sever that I had OP rights to.

  4. Human’ mobs roaming in a creative single-player world.

    (via the Minecraft Wiki)

  5. Wow. I feel really old when I see all these people who have never heard about Classic… Back in my day Classic WAS Minecraft, and there was also a “Survival Test” mode which had limited blocks and monsters and we thought it was cool, but wouldn’t catch on.


    The blocks break instantaneously because, back in the day, our characters had no limbs or bodies; we were a series of entities with minds of infinite wisdom, resulting in a group whose forces were so powerful that blocks could be destroyed and conjured instantly. We were the omniscient gods of the map we dominated and constructed buildings to suit the lives of generations to come.

    Also known as Creative Mode.


  6. This is a recording The One’s Lava, a popular novelty server back in 2009 that took advantage of Mincraft Classic’s infinite liquids. Players were given a short amount of time to prepare for the coming apocalypse.

  7. These were the mobs created by “Dock”, an artist who worked with Notch on the making of Minecraft.

    When he left, the mobs were removed from the game.


  8. Notch’s first video of the game that would ultimately become Minecraft.

    This is a very early test of an Infiniminer clone I’m working on. It will have more resource management and materials, if I ever get around to finishing it.

    It currently runs at about 700 fps for a 256x256x64 tile map.

    (Markus Persson, 2009)